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Art Files 3.0 | Mac OS X | 10 MB.

Art Files is a stand-alone application that handles the tedious task of collecting Illustrator documents, linked images and fonts for graphics files, and makes operation simple point and click. Instead of focusing on the enigmatic and detailed “preflight” other applications have done in the past, Art Files focuses on collecting only the information you need to pack your files for your service provider.

Art Files also has the unique ability to collect several documents at once, saving you precious time when you just have a few minutes between sending your artwork to the printer and renting a courier door to door high price to meet your deadline. In addition to saving time, this feature also reduces the disk space to collect images and shared fonts between documents only once.

Art Files is perfect for archiving your important graphic documents. It is also perfectly suited for anyone working with graphics files and need portability send documents to others for editing or printing. Its interface simple and straightforward user will surely make the file collection nightmares a thing of the past.

Art Files

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